Well-liked by the gamers worldwide, the King's Bounty universe will now see its combats fought on the social networks! The turn-based strategy full with fascinating storylines and colorful rendering is now implemented in Kings Bounty: Legions. For the first time in the history of the famous franchise, King's Bounty: Legions will provide for the players to make war on each other in the PvP battles.

Is King's Bounty: Legions a continuation to the King’s Bounty game series?

Short answer: Yes, it is.


Detailed answer: King's Bounty: Legions is the world's first 3D social strategy, inheriting the original, known to and welcomed by millions, world of King's Bounty. It features the same system of turn-based combats, virtually the same creatures, and the admirably recreated graphics and atmosphere of the King's Bounty universe, which attract hundreds of thousands of gamers from all the world who have played King's Bounty at least once in their life.

The first King's Bounty had been released by New World Computing in the year 1990. In 2007, a Russian company, 1C, purchased the rights to use the King's Bounty trade mark. The official sequel to the series, called King's Bounty: The Legend, was developed by the Vladivostok-based Katauri Interactive. This game was released in April 2008. In the next year, a further sequel was published under the title King's Bounty: Armored Princess, and somewhat later the series was expanded by the Crossworlds. Each new part of the series was winning more and more new admirers for the King's Bounty. The game has conquered and still enjoys wide popularity in Russia as well as in all the world.

The King's Bounty: Legions project had first been introduced to the audience at the Russian Game Developers Conference, or KRI, in 2011, where it was later awarded as the "Best social networks game". In summer 2011, the Nival and KranX Productions companies have officially presented King's Bounty: Legions on Facebook.

What is unique about King’s Bounty: Legions?

Short answer: First of all it is unique because of wonderful 3D graphics and singular PvP combats. 


Detailed answer: The Unity 3D technology employed by the game's developers has made it possible to create excellent 3D graphics not different from those featured in the latest games of the King's Bounty series. Colorfully rendered creatures and locations improve the gamers' experience. Everyone would like to try each of the units in combat, discover new harbors, run search missions or patrols, and so on.

King's Bounty: Legions is specifically unique because of its PvP combats. Having a single PvP server and a well-developed matchmaking system provides for selecting a suitable adversary from anywhere in the world. Fighting against an enemy army can be a simple training sparring – or a battle awarded with increasing the player's rating.

What does "PvP combat" mean?

Short answer: PvP means Player vs. Player.


Detailed answer: PvP (Player versus Player) combats are the long-expected feature of King's Bounty: Legions absent from the previous titles of the series. Being the struggle between every player's skills generated and tested in the PvE fights, PvP combats are always fascinating and unpredictable.

In addition to their being dynamic and spectacular, winning such combats grants considerable advantages over other gamers. Fighting against adversaries randomly selected by the matchmaking system pays off with gold and new units. But in addition, the winner also accumulates rating points, which provides for him or her to reach higher ranks and, with the lapse of time, even to enter the worldwide top of the King's Bounty: Legions strategists.

What other captivating features does King’s Bounty: Legions offer in addition to the PvP combats?

Short answer:  Unique tasks, PvE battles against different armies and in various conditions, search and patrol missions, and so on.


Detailed answer: Every kind of player can enjoy experiencing the universe of King's Bounty: Legions. Travelling around the world, learning the biographies of the heroes who lead the player along the storyline, completing missions, quite difficult sometimes, and, of course, fighting various monsters and evil creatures – this list of the game's attractive features is pretty large.

In the PvE battles, there's some special thrill in tactically selecting a proper army for the player to perform every new mission with. Arranging the troops cleverly, in a way that takes account of the units' abilities and specific characteristics, is a science which one can spend many months to master.

The world of King's Bounty: Legions is rich and versatile, so that every gamer will wind something special there, something that meets his or her interest in turn-based strategies completely.

Where to play King’s Bounty: Legions?

Short answer: On Facebook.

Detailed answer: Currently, the game is available on Facebook. Soon enough, the game is also supposed to appear on iOS and Android-based mobile devices and tablet computers, as well as on other social networks. We shall, of course, inform the gamers at our web site and the forum as soon as King's Bounty: Legions will be launched on other platforms.

What does one need to start playing King's Bounty: Legions?

Short answer: It is enough to start the King's Bounty: Legions application on one of the social networks.


Detailed answer: To join the ranks of the King's Bounty: Legions players, one must be a registered Facebook user. Then he or she should follow the link and wait for the game to load.

Those who do not have the Unity Web Player application (a less than 3 Mb multimedia plug-in) will be offered to download and install it. This plug-in is only installed once and is good for many different games. There will be no need to reboot the PC, and the game will load itself. 

Must one pay for playing King's Bounty: Legions?

Short answer: No.


Detailed answer:  King's Bounty: Legions follows the Free 2 Play model, which means that investing money remains an option at the discretion of the player but not a requirement. Facebook Credits can be used to buy units, various items (spells, auras, licenses), and many other things.  But, importantly, the same can be obtained while playing the game.

How many time does playing King's Bounty: Legions consume?

Short answer: It's up for every player to decide how much time he or she wants to dedicate to the game.


Detailed answer: One of the good features of King's Bounty: Legions is that it's up to you to decide how much time do you want to spend on playing it, be that 15 minutes or 4 to 6 hours a day. PvE combats usually take some 3 to 7 minutes. PvP combats can last longer, for up to 30 minutes at times. Some four to six weeks should be enough to complete the whole storyline. This will not mean the end of the game, however. The player will be able to go on enjoying ranked matches while he or she waits for the game's updates.

What should the players of King's Bounty: Legions expect in the future?

Short answer: An improved PvP system, an RPG system, Global Wars, and many other new features.


Detailed answer: Currently our main purpose is to make King's Bounty: Legions maximally convenient for all players. Further on, however, we plan to extend the PvP, increase the diversity of combats, and add various alternative types of battles. Our plans include an RPG system, castles, Global Wars, and even Team vs. Team combats.

Dear players! Thanks to your feedback and proposals, we improve and develop the game on a daily and hourly basis. Your commentaries at the forum and in the game's official groups are especially valuable for us, because the only way to satisfy both your and our interest is through concerted efforts.


Now that you have acquainted yourselves with the background of King's Bounty: Legions in short, our advise is that you also study the game's FAQ in the First Aid - Rules, Guides and FAQs section of our forum. If you have a question that remains unanswered there, please write it to the forum or to the official King's Bounty: Legions group page at Facebook. Or you can also contact us by email, writing to support@playkb.com. The game's administrators and moderators will be glad to answer all your questions and note all your remarks and desires.