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    Any ETA to make PvP more fair?

    The other guy getting to go first every single time because he has the same initiative is wearing a bit thin.
    My idea would be to have them switch off every turn like when the other guy and I have assassins who have matching initiative. His guy would go first if he was on the left and then the next round mine would have initiative. This would allow more strategy on the other guy's part instead of move forward after my assassin has gone and then use "Battle Tread" to just destroy my assassin when he inevitably gets first turn again.
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    Currently the existing battle system (incl. the situations when units in both armies have the same initiative) is being reconsidered. We'll definitely make PvP more fair, cause we know perfectly well, that now the things leave much to be desired.

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    There are a number of problems that need to be addressed with the PvP in King's Bounty, for example: Turn timers expiring too fast, 6 seconds is not nearly enough time to contemplate an attack and move units especially when lagging quite a bit. Attacks not registering, unit moves and damage registers but resets units after action is completed. Completely skipping turns, reason unknown. Power reduced against higher level players, a level 9 player gets reduced power against a level 10 player. You may also want to have an options menu so that you can adjust graphics settings to reduce the amount of lag. One last note error messages are in russian on the forums, doesn't help people who can't speak the language.

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    Another thing to take note of when re-balancing PvP, when going against a player that has used the option to lower their level, the higher level players still have a strong advantage because they have access to better equipment, and will typically have their creatures leveled higher. The system only adjusts the number of creatures a play has but not these other functions.

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    The recent changes makes the game unplayable for casual players. I have lost almost 3 Million in gold with attacks on my garrison the past 3 days, which can't defend itself anymore. I only play 3-4 times a week and this isn't working. I guess I'll abandon the game as soon as my gold or gems run out.

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    I just started playing on Kongregate. I have a badge to win 3 pvp, and an in-game quest to win one pvp. At level 8, with maybe 35 total troops, I am getting matched to level 31 with over 600 troops. How am i supposed to win that?



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