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    PvP Contest: what would you like to see improved?

    Dear players!

    We'd be very much obliged if you tell us, what you'd like us to improve; perhaps you've got some ideas regarding the system of running the contest.
    In a word, we're open to all suggestions!

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    Allowing better times for the American KB:L players. Those that were eligible for the PvP contest this first time were overwhelmingly from Russia. There were some screw ups too, such as saying there will be 8 English speaking players and yet allowing the majority to be Russian. I only remembered this, because Angel Elenkov signed up for the English side, but was regulated as backup in lieu of a Russian player, especially when it was clear that the English side had 4-5 slots.

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    I will raise this question again and again. When u will "repair" the battle's mechanics ?? Yes i mean, when the units with most initiative will "act" last when everyone else "wait" ?
    Oh and one more thing about the last PvP tournament, Bulgaria is not part from Russia, yet ... i am proud to be bulgarian !
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    When you first start playing the game losing one PVP match will totally wipe you out and you have to rebuild your army. I tried one game at level 10 and faced someone with a legendary unit. I was totally wiped out. I had to spend the next day trying to recover and that was no fun at all. PvP would be more fun if you could reduce the cost of taking a loss in PvP. I will not try PvP again till have have a Legendary Unit.

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    I would like to be able to see which units are available in the locations without having to travel to them. It can´t be in the intereset of game mechanics or even economic reasons to make one to visit the places just to find out which unit can be bought there.

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    I tried PVP due to the quest and it was a disaster! I waited 2 minutes before a match was found and I was slain due to the army power difference. The worst part was that my army was totally destroyed and I had to wait an eternity to ressurect them all, spending stamina and money like crazy. To my point of view PVP will only be good when I have no further quests to spend my stamina on.

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    Well, the cost of losing is somewhat high, and it is not plainly obvious to players - as it should be - that you can only retreat before you play out your turn, which would help people to conserve their army in case they meet an obviously superior opponent.

    Other than that, PVP is immensely fun as it is. At low levels the things which randomly spawn (like wasp's nests, etc) can be a big and random advantage to one side... at higher level they're dispatched early enough not to be that much of a hinderance.

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    PVP is completely screwed,,,ONLY benefits high level players or players that were really stupid and spent money on the game. Worst pvp system I have ever seen !!! I will nto pvp any more....EVER !!

    Friends list still doesn't work either. Stamina costs on everything are too damn high !!! Not much fun playing the game for 10 minutes and then being FORCED to wait acouple of hours to do anything else !! I understand you want people to spend their hard earned money on your gems and items in order to play but the flip side of it is that most people won't. So your game fails !!! Enjoy wasting all that time, effort, and money building a game no one will play for long !!

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    Dear fortune001, I`d say you`re a bit over-critical, both PvP and PvE has improved a lot recently.

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    Armorgames.com version

    Please restore the Armorgames.com friends which has not been working for a couple weeks now.

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    Key to future success is to develop a way to have more equal strength for duels
    a way to retreat (surrender) at anytime

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    Match making system

    This forum seems deserted by the admins, but I will try to make a constructive post anyway.

    Ever since the march patch, I can't duel anymore. The button allowing me to fight armies within my strenght range has dissapeared and, while now I get fights in less than a minute, I am always forced to fight too powerfull armies, as can be seen in the attached screenshot.


    This got frustrating really fast and I will not join a new fight anytime soon, unless this will get fixed.

    I presume this change happened because complains on the long waiting times, however I would really rather prefer to wait 5 minutes for a decent fight than get a totally unballanced fight in 10 seconds.

    My sollution is to have fights in the same league (copper league in my case) rather than same level. While I aknowledge the fact that if I am bottom in a league I will still get unballanced fights, this would still get me improved waiting times with more decent fights than the current system. In anycase, having to play armies in within my grasp would definitely be an incentive to do more quest and gather a stronger army.

    In any case, I should never have to fight an army in a stronger league than me. EVER!

    As a quick fix until you can repair the current broken MM, please allow us to retreat from PvP battles at any time and w/o any penalty time. The victorious player should still be able to kidnap units he has killed.

    Thank you.

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    people buyin gems mostly for pvp
    now lots of player dont want to duel for powerfull opponents or cost
    even in balanced duel if you lose too many unit, lose too many gold too..
    new pvp gold reward system sux, even with x2 royal aura bonus.

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    As i can't seem to find anywhere else to ask i'll write here. I have just started playing this game and have just logged on to find i've been attacked by a much more powerful party from another player. To begin with i think this is totally unfair and is nothing more than just attacking new and weak players for easy gain. Secondly i do not want to play pvp so is there anyway i can turn this off as i'd much rather play on my own and not get picked off every 5 minutes by tougher player led parties. If it's just a game of pvp then i'd rather know now and stop playing as it's not my kind of game and i got fed up of that kind of thing on MMORPGs. Thank you!

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    Now a day printings media plays a very vital role for our country development.
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