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    Getting Swordsmen

    I am not sure if this is the right thread to post or not, but I haven't been able to find any other place to post.

    I have about 16 swordsmen in my Common slot where I can have 22. But, I am unable to find out from where can I get the swordsman in the form of loot?

    In the wiki I found the following quests could get me swordsmen as a loot:

    Turtle Hill
    Gang of ExilesEdit
    Related Quest: Exiles from a Far Country
    Army Composition: Peasant, Archer, Vagabond, Swordsman
    Loot: Swordsman (medium)

    Forsaken Village
    Armored Party
    Army Composition: Archer, Pilgrim, Swordsman, Knight, Champion
    Loot: Swordsman (medium), Magical Armor (very low)

    Karakol Port
    Maritime BrotherhoodEdit
    Army Composition: Archer, Pirate, Vagabond, Swordsman, Sea Wolf, Gunner
    Loot: Swordsman (medium), Acceleration (very low)

    I have excluded the main quests which can get us swords. None of the above quests show swords as a possible loot. I have even completed these quests multiple times but still don't get any swords. Is it because it is at a much lower level?

    When I reach the Gray Warden Garrison, am I sure to find swords there in their daily quest or will that also disappoint me?

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    Try "Spirit Attack" in Northern Bay



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